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I already have a plan

Have you been funded for Support Co-ordination?

Choosing your support coordinator should be the first decision you make ... as soon as your plan is approved.

Good support Coordination has the biggest impact on getting the most out of your plan and making sure you achieve your goals.

Choose someone you are happy to work with and feel you can trust. They should understand and explain all of the support options available and care about your goals, dreams and well being.

They should have time to listen, be available in emergencies.

Do they have a conflict of interest?  They should work for you, not your service provider!!

Call us at any time. Send us an email or just click the button and we will contact you about coordinating your plan.

Do you have funding for Plan Management?

Your Plan Manager will relieve you from all of the financial & administrative tasks, and gives you access to both unregistered & NDIS registered providers.

Your administration includes:

  • following up bills from providers;

  • validating services provided against time sheets and other evidence;

  • protecting you against fraudulent misuse of your funds;

  • making claims through the NDIS portal;

  • checking funding balances remaining in your plan;

  • staying up to date with all of the NDIS changes;

  • paying providers;

  • paying support workers and travel providers;

  • ensuring you meet your obligations as an employer;

  • putting in place Service Agreements with all of your providers;

  • opening and managing separate bank accounts and

  • keeping all evidence in case of an NDIS audit.

Call us at any time. Send us an email. Or just click the button and we will contact you to discuss your plan management options.