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This cookie policy (hereinafter “Cookies Policy” explains how we handle cookies on our website https://www.lifeful.com.au/ (hereinafter “Website”).

The Website is owned and operated by LifeFul Coordination and Management (ABN 31 088 772 686). The use of cookies is now standard for most websites. If you are uncomfortable with the use of cookies, you can manage and control them through your browser, including removing cookies by deleting them from your 'browser history' (cache) when you leave the site.

We are committed to the protection of your privacy while you use the Website. By continuing to use the Website you acknowledge that you have had the chance to review and consider this Cookies Policy, and you confirm that you agree to it. This means that you also consent to our use of cookies as described in this Cookies Policy.

All information derived from these Cookies may be combined with other information acquired from third parties, and we may share this information with other organizations, such as advertisers, provided it is anonymised. For more information relating to this see our Privacy Policy.

What are Cookies and Similar Technologies
  1. Cookies are small files that may be saved on your computer’s hard drive through your internet browser. If you allow cookies, then when you visit our Website, general information is collected by our computer servers and cookies are transferred to your hard drive.
  2. Similar technologies include web beacons, action tags, local shared objects (“flash cookies”) and single pixel gifs. Such technologies can be used to track users’ actions activities, and to store information about them.
Types of Cookies
  1. Session' cookies remain in your browser during your browser session only, i.e. until you leave the website.
  2. 'Persistent' cookies remain in your browser after the session (unless deleted by you).
  3. 'Performance' cookies collect information about your use of the website, such as webpages visited and any error messages; they do not collect personally identifiable information, and the information collected is aggregated such that it is anonymous. Performance cookies are used to improve how a website works.
  4. 'Functionality' cookies allow the website to remember any choices you make about the website (such as changes to text size, customised pages) or enable services such as commenting on a blog.

To opt out of Google Analytics, go to https://tools.google.com/dlpage/gaoptout.

How We Collect Cookies

When you use our Website, cookies may be downloaded by your internet browser and stored in the cache of your computer. These cookies have a unique identification number, which allows our Website to identify your computer if you visit our Website again.

Unless you voluntarily provide us with personal information about you (for example, by completing an online form), then the cookies that we use will not allow us to access any of your personal such as your name, address, or email address.

Why We Use Cookies
  1. Cookies help the Website to ‘remember’ you, your preferences, and your actions over time.
  2. Cookies help us to understand how you interact with our Website, so that we can improve the performance of our Website and provide you with a smoother experience.
  3. Cookies help us to provide a more personal experience on our Website. For example, we may use cookies to remember your location settings in order to provide you with information that is relevant to your geographical location. We may use cookies to remember your language preferences or currency preferences on our Website, so that you do not need to alter these preferences every time you visit the Website.
  4. Cookies help us to work out the countries in which the users of our Website are located by logging the IP address of Website users.
  5. Cookies help us to monitor our Website’s performance, which allows us to improve the Website over time.
  6. We may use cookies in order to provide you with targeted advertisements on third-party websites.
  7. We may use cookies to sell advertising on the Website.
  8. We may use third-party cookies in order to monitor Website usage.
Information Collected
  1. We may obtain information about your computer or any other electronic device which you use to access our Website, such as your IP address, your browser and/or other internet log information. We will treat this information as your personal information.
  2. In certain circumstances we may also collect personal information about you but only where you voluntarily provide it (for example, by completing an online form) or where you purchase goods or services from us.
Consent for Cookies
  1. In most case we will seek your consent in order to use cookies on this Website, except when the cookie is essential in order for us to provide you with a service you have requested, or essential to the inherent functionality of the Website (for example, to enable you to store items in a shopping basket and/or to use our check-out process).
  2. In the event that we wish to use cookies that require your consent you will be asked whether you consent to the use of cookies in the manner of a Pop-up
  3. Thereafter you will be provided with an opportunity to opt-out of the use of cookies which can be done by clicking the Opt-out button.
Contact Forms and Cookies

If you visit the Website and/ or leave a comment on our site you are opting to saving your name, email address and website in cookies. These cookies will expire after 90 days. This cookie contains no personal data and is discarded when you close your browser.

Third-Party Cookies

We work with third-party suppliers, who may also set cookies on our Website. These cookies and their third-party owners are included in the list below. By consenting to the use of cookies on our site you will be consenting to the use of these cookies. These cookies may be used to collect the following information:

Cookies and Similar Technologies on the Website

The following third-party cookies/similar technologies are used on this Website:

Provider Name Purpose Type Duration
YouTube VISITOR_INFO1_LIVE This cookie tracks viewing of YouTube videos on the website. Third party, persistent
Facebook datr, _js_datr, _js_reg_ext_ref, _js_reg_fb_gate These cookies are used by Facebook as part of their embedded services on the Websites (likes, sharing etc.). More information about Facebook’s use of cookies can be found in their cookie policy Third party
Google Analytics __utma This is one of the four main cookies set by the Google Analytics service which enables website owners to track visitor behaviour and measure site performance. It is used to calculate new and returning visitor statistics. The cookie is updated every time data is sent to Google Analytics First and third party 2 years
Google Analytics __utmv Used to store visitor-level custom variable data. This cookie is created when a developer uses the _setCustomVar method with a visitor level custom variable. This cookie was also used for the deprecated _setVar method. The cookie is updated every time data is sent to Google Analytics. Third party, persistent
Google Analytics __utmz Stores the traffic source or campaign that explains how you reached the Websites. The cookie is created when the JavaScript library executes and is updated every time data is sent to Google Analytics. Third party, persistent
Google Analytics _gat This cookie name is associated with Google Universal Analytics, according to Google documentation it is used to throttle the request rate - limiting the collection of data on high traffic sites. It expires after 10 minutes. First party, Session 1 minute
Google Analytics _gid This cookie stores a unique user session identifier. First & Third party, Session 24 hours
Google Analytics _ga This cookie is typically written to the browser upon the first visit to the Websites. If the cookie has been deleted by the browser operator, and the browser subsequently visits pwc.com, a new _ga cookie is written with a different unique ID. In most cases, this cookie is used to understand whether a visitor is a single time visitor or a repeat visitor to the Websites and it is updated with each page view. Additionally, this cookie is provided with a unique ID that Google Analytics uses to ensure both the validity and accessibility of the cookie as an extra security measure. First & Third party, Persistent 2 years
Google Analytics __utmb This cookie is used to determine new sessions/visits. First party 30 mins from set/update
LinkedIn JSESSIONID General purpose platform session cookie. It is used to maintain an anonymous user session by the server. Third party Until end of session
LinkedIn lidc This cookie is used for routing from Share buttons and ad tags. Third party 1 day
LinkedIn bcookie This cookie is used by LinkedIn for identifying the Browser ID. It is set from LinkedIn share buttons and ad tags. Third party 1 year
LinkedIn bscookie This cookie is used by LinkedIn to recognize a secure Browser ID. Third party 1 year
LinkedIn visit This cookie is used by LinkedIn as part of their embedded services on the Websites. More information can be found in their cookie policy. Third party
For further information and support, you can also visit the specific help page:
  • Employment Hero: https://employmenthero.com/privacy/cookie-policy/
  • Facebook and Instagram: https://www.facebook.com/policies/cookies
  • Karista: https://www.karista.com.au/static/providers-terms-and-conditions-karista-website.pdf
  • LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/legal/cookie-policy
  • Ninjaforms: https://ninjaforms.com/cookie-policy/
  • Twitter: https://help.twitter.com/en/rules-and-policies/twitter-cookies
  • YouTube: https://policies.google.com/technologies/cookies?hl=en
Managing Cookies
  1. You are able to control which cookies we use by adjusting the settings in your internet browser.
  2. If you do not want cookies sent to us, then you can set your browser to refuse cookies or to warn you each time a cookie is going to be sent.
  3. In addition, you can delete cookies at any time via the settings in your internet browser.
  4. If you do not allow cookies, some features on the Website may not function properly.
  5. For further information and support, you can also visit the specific help page of the internet browser you are using:
  • Chrome: https://support.google.com/accounts/answer/61416?hl+en
  • Firefox: https://support.mozilla.org/en-us/kb/enable-and-disable-cookies-website-preferences
  • Internet Explorer: http://windows.microsoft.com/en-us/windows-vista/block-or-allow-cookies
  • Opera: http://www.opera.com/help/tutorials/security/cookies/
  • Safari: http://www.apple.com/legal/privacy/
Contact Us

You can contact us about this Cookies Policy using the following details:
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1800 LIFEFUL (543338)

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