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Have you been funded for Support Co-ordination?

Choosing your support coordinator should be the first decision you make… as soon as your plan is approved. Good support Coordination has the biggest impact on getting the most out of your plan and making sure you achieve your goals.


Choose someone you are happy to work with and feel you can trust. They should understand and explain all the support options available and care about your goals, dreams and well-being.


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Have you been funded for Plan Management?

Your Plan Manager will relieve you from all of the financial & administrative tasks, and gives you access to both unregistered & NDIS registered providers.


Our Plan Management Team provide peace of mind and the convenience of a personalised service, with answers to your questions and insight into how your funds can be utilised. Leaving it to the experts allows you to focus solely on achieving your goals and living life to the fullest.


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Have you been funded for Therapies?

Having the right practitioners in place will enhance an individual’s quality of life and reduce challenging behaviours. Our team is comprised of compassionate and caring staff who genuinely have your best interests at heart.


You can utilise funding in your Plan to access our Behaviour Support Practitioners and Counsellors. 


Positive Behaviour Support is funded in your Capacity Building Supports, as ‘Improved relationships’.


If you have funding in your Capacity Building budget, under ‘Improved Daily Living’; this can also be utilised for the required Allied Health supports.


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Have you been funded for Daily Living?

Having support in your day to day life can help you form valuable connections with others, learn new skills or explore your interests, and help with daily personal tasks. LifeFul will match you with a Support Worker or Team that suit you and your needs, for tailored support to work towards your goals.


Funding for Daily Living Support if included generally falls under your Core supports. It can also be included in your Capacity Building, Improved Daily Living budget.


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Have you been funded for Support Independent Living?

Supported Independent Living provides the supports you need live independently and build your skills. At LifeFul, we create an environment where clients can grow, make choices, and have control over their lives.


Funding for Supported Independent Living if included is provided under your Core Supports.


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Where can I get help ?

We are always happy to help, whether you are a client or not.
Email us :
Phone : 1800 LIFEFUL (543 338)

New to the NDIS

NDIS Explained

The NDIS has transformed the way that Australians with disability are provided necessary supports, with funding for a variety of supports to facilitate living a fulfilling life and enabling the person to take control. If you are under 65 and have a permanent disability, you may qualify for NDIS support. Early intervention through the NDIS helps individuals develop essential skills, fostering active participation in the community and workforce. NDIS funding can also assist with accessing education, public housing, medical services, and community groups. Importantly, the NDIS is designed to complement the support provided by family and friends, ensuring that necessary and reasonable supports are provided. NDIS funding is not affected by your income and does not impact disability pensions or carer payments.

NDIS access

If you believe you are eligible, you can contact the National Disability Insurance Agency (NDIA) to request an Access Request Form. Complete the form with relevant information about your disability and support needs. After submitting the form, the NDIA will review your application and may arrange an assessment to determine the appropriate supports and funding you may be eligible for under the NDIS.


Need Help with Access? Contact Us

Planning and goals

Participants will then be contacted by the NDIA to meet and make a plan. Your plan is important. It sets out your Goals, and shows you your funding and supports. To get ready for your NDIS plan, start thinking about your support needs and what your goals may be. Your existing supports and services will continue until you have a NDIS plan.

Plan Management and Support Coordination

The NDIS law gives you the right to funding to appoint a Plan Manager. A Plan Manager will manage the costs, recording keeping, reporting and bills in your plan. You can also talk to the NDIS about appointing a Support Coordinator. A support Coordinator will manage your service providers and help you find the supports you need.

Where can I get help ?

We are always happy to help, whether you are a client or not.
Email us :
Phone : 1800 LIFEFUL (543 338)

Parents and carers

We understand that parents and carers often develop an understanding of their loved one’s needs, hopes and goals, in a way no Service Provider ever can.


We are also aware that many parts of the NDIS have not been designed taking account of the crucial role of parents, carers and family members in the life of a participant or the amount of time and energy that families contribute to caring for a loved one.


If you feel overwhelmed or confused at any stage (most people navigating the NDIS do!) please get in touch with our friendly team- We would love to hear your story and are here to help.

Plan Management

It’s not widely communicated but the NDIS Legislation give the right to every participant to make an election on how they want their NDIS Plan managed. And to be funded for a professional Plan Manager. A professional Plan Manager will take away the burden of all the invoice and admin tasks, and you can access both registered and unregistered providers. And the funds don’t come at the expense of other parts of the plan.

Support Coordination

After years of caregiving, both you and your family member deserve support in navigating the NDIS plan. A skilled Support Coordinator will understand all available options, prioritize your goals and well-being, and ensure quality support within the plan's scope. Remember to request Support Coordination in your NDIS Planning Meeting, explaining why it's "reasonable and necessary." For assistance with meeting preparation or any inquiries, please don't hesitate to contact us. We're eager to hear your story and offer our help.

Other Supports and Services

Our Team can also assist and provide guidance in gathering the necessary evidence when preparing for your planning meeting, to increase the chances of being for funded for the supports you know are needed for the person in your care.


We can help you determine which supports may be required to improve quality of life, and how to work toward funding approval for those supports. Supports may include Daily Living Support Workers, Counselling or Positive Behaviour Support, and Supported Independent Living opportunities.

Where can I get help ?

We are always happy to help, whether you are a client or not.
Email us :
Phone : 1800 LIFEFUL (543 338)

Workers and providers


We pride ourselves on our knowledge and experience of all providers. We’d love you to provide us up to date information on your services particularly when you have spare capacity. Tell us about your Unique Selling Proposition and your Vision. What are the things that make your organisation stand out? If opportunities arise for us to visit or celebrate your special times, we would be delighted to take the opportunity.


We are also happy to make time to support any of your clients in preparing for plan meetings. And to  assist with information about other service areas that may be relevant.


LifeFul focus on collaboration to ensure better outcomes for our clients, so get in touch with us now.


We are always on the lookout for people that align with our Values and are looking for an exciting new role. Check out our Careers Page now for more information about working for LifeFul. We’d love to hear from you!

Where can I get help ?

We are always happy to help, whether you are a client or not.
Email us :
Phone : 1800 LIFEFUL (543 338)

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