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LIFEFUL • LIVE LIFE ON YOUR TERMS We are here to help 


To listen, understand & challenge our clients to live the best life they are capable of, by finding the best pathways to their chosen outcomes. Giving voice to those unable to speak, and skills and confidence to those who can.


RISK • without risk there is no growth
EXCELLENT • we do what matters & do it well
ACCOUNTABLE • we own our roles and our outcomes
LIVE • we laugh & enjoy our work, our job is not our life
INITIATE • resourceful, imaginative, creative & agile
SERVE • we respect & care for our clients
TEAM • we respect trust & care for each other
INNOVATE • while we live we grow
CREDIBLE • we follow the evidence, we do what we say we will do

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Yes, I have a plan

Have you been funded for Support Co-ordination ?

Choosing your support coordinator should be the first decision you make… as soon as your plan is approved. Good support Coordination has the biggest impact on getting the most out of your plan and making sure you achieve your goals.
Choose someone you are happy to work with and feel you can trust. They should understand and explain all of the support options available and care about your goals, dreams and well being.
They should have time to listen, be available in emergencies.
Do they have a conflict of interest ? They should work for you, not your service provider!!
Call us at any time. Send us an email or just click the button and we will contact you about coordinating your plan.

Do you have funding for Plan Management ?

Your Plan Manager will relieve you from all of the financial & administrative tasks, and gives you access to both unregistered & NDIS registered providers.
Your administration includes :
 • following up bills from providers ;
 • validating services provided against time sheets and other evidence ;
 • protecting you against fraudulent misuse of your funds ;
 • making claims through the NDIS portal ;
 • checking funding balances remaining in your plan ;
 • staying up to date with all of the NDIS changes ;
 • paying providers ;
 • paying support workers and travel providers ;
 • ensuring you meet your obligations as an employer ;
 • putting in place Service Agreements with all of your providers ;
 • opening and managing separate bank accounts and
 • keeping all evidence in case of an NDIS audit.
Call us at any time. Send us an email. Or just click the button and we will contact you to discuss your plan management options.

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A child playing with their mother.
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New to the NDIS

NDIS Explained

The NDIS is the new way of supporting Australians with disability. You can be funded for supports to live an ordinary life. You may get support if you are under 65 and will have a disability for the rest of your life. The NDIS helps people earlier, to improve their later life. You will be supported to build skills to participate in the community and to work. You can also be supported to find education and public housing and with police doctors and hospitals. And to find community groups like sports clubs, local groups, libraries and charities. NDIS also relies on help from your family and friends that is part of most people’s lives. The NDIS can only pay for supports that are fair (reasonable), needed (necessary) and good value for money. This means supports must be needed because of your disability. It doesn’t matter what you earn. And NDIS funding doesn’t change your disability pension or carer payments.

NDIS access

If you already have supports in your state you should be contacted by the NDIS. If you don’t receive support now you might need doctor’s reports about your disability. If you have a permanent and major disability you will become a “Participant”. This is called “access”.

Planning and goals

Participants will then be contacted by the NDIA to meet and make a plan. Your plan is important. It shows you funding and supports. To get ready for your NDIS plan, start thinking about your support needs and goals. Your existing supports and services will continue until you have a NDIS plan. You will need to set some goals which will determine your funding.

Plan Management and Support Coordination

The NDIS law gives you the right to funding to appoint a Plan Manager. A Plan Manager will manage the costs, recording keeping, reporting and bills in your plan. You can also talk to the NDIS about appointing a Support Coordinator. A support Coordinator will manage your service providers and help you find the supports you need.

Where can I get help ?

We are always happy to help, whether you are a client or not.
Email us : info@lifeful.com.au
Phone : 1800(LIFEFUL)

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Parents and carers

We understand that parents and carers often develop an understanding of their loved one’s needs, hopes and goals, in a way no Service Provider ever can.

We are also aware that many parts of the NDIS have not been designed taking account of the crucial role of parents, carers and family members in the life of a participant or the amount of time and energy that families contribute to caring for a loved one.

We would love to hear your story and to help.

Parents and Carers

We would love to have the opportunity to help you support your family member. To help you prepare for the all important NDIS Planning Meetings. And help with your journey of fully understanding how the scheme works.

Plan Management

It’s not widely communicated but the NDIS Legislation give the right to every participant to make an election on how they want their NDIS Plan managed. And to be funded for a professional Plan Manager. Your administration includes chasing up bills, checking services provided against time sheets, claiming from the NDIS portal, checking plan balances remaining, paying providers, support workers, travel providers etc etc. You don’t have to do it all yourself. And you don’t have to rely to rely on the government, who has decided the funding in the plan, to then also manage that plan. With a professional Plan Manager you can access both registered and unregistered providers. And the funds don’t come at the expense of other parts of the plan. Plan Management is a legislative right.

Support Coordination

After years of caring for your family member you both deserve some support in implementing the new NDIS plan. A good Support Coordinator will understand all of the support options available, know their track record, care about your goals, dreams and well being, be available in emergencies and make sure the person you care for, is getting quality support to the full extent of their plan. Make sure you ask for Support Coordination in your NDIS Planning Meeting and be prepared to explain why it is “reasonable and necessary”. If you would like help preparing for a meeting or have any other questions please contact us. We would love to hear your story and to help.

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Workers and providers

We love people and know that we are only ever as good as the quality of our people and our partners.

We’d love to have an opportunity to meet you. Let us know what makes you great.


We pride ourselves on our knowledge and experience of all providers. We’d love you to provide us up to date information on your services particularly when you have spare capacity. Tell us about your Unique Selling Proposition and your Vision. What are the things that make your organisation stand out ? If opportunities arise for us to visit or celebrate your special times we would be delighted to take the opportunity.
We are also happy to make time to support any of your clients in preparing for plan meetings. And to explain the advantages of having Plan Management and Support Coordination funding included in their plans. Take a leap…

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If you would like to discuss your options with us. Book in for a FREE 30 minute consultation.