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At times, managing your NDIS plan can feel overwhelming. LifeFul is here to offer guidance and work through the process with you. You don’t have to do it on your own!

NDIS Services & Supports.

LifeFul is here to provide you with the knowledge, expertise, and personalised experience to help guide you through the process and arm you with the tools you need to Live Life On Your Terms.
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Live Life on Your Terms.

LifeFul offers a comprehensive range of services including NDIS Plan Management, Support Coordination, Daily Living Supports, Supported Independent Living, and Behaviour Therapies. Operating across New South Wales, Victoria, Queensland and Western Australia, we empower you to take control of your journey, make informed decisions, and pave the way towards achieving your goals. At LifeFul, we firmly believe in the principles of choice and control, placing you in the driver's seat to shape your own path with confidence.

We have bilingual staff!


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5 top reasons to choose LifeFul.

NDIS Expertise
Fraud Safety
lifeful team


At LifeFul, our team comprises friendly, qualified, and highly experienced staff who are always here for you. We prioritise responsiveness, dedication, and accessibility, ensuring that we listen, understand, and provide guidance whenever you need it.


From the moment you come on board with us to the implementation of your plan and provider payments, we value your time. We understand the urgency of accessing the services you've been funded for, and we act swiftly. Our streamlined processes enable next-day payment of invoices, ensuring both your satisfaction and the happiness of your service providers.
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NDIS Expertise

With our deep understanding of the NDIS sector, we have a team of experts who can provide support in comprehending your NDIS plan, maximizing your funding, and addressing any queries you may have. Count on us to navigate the complexities of the NDIS system and assist you every step of the way.
lifeful flexibility


Your convenience is important to us. We offer services in various formats, including face-to-face, phone, video chat, and email, tailoring our approach to meet your preferences. Your comfort and satisfaction guide our service delivery methods.
Fraud and Safety

Fraud Safety

As a Registered and Accredited provider, LifeFul ensures your peace of mind. Our commitment to quality and safety is demonstrated through thorough and regular audits. Compliance and safety, including protection against fraud, are paramount to us, ensuring the highest level of service provision to you.
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The LifeFul Team. Ready to make a difference.

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What our Clients are Saying about LifeFul

LifeFul has been more than helpful in going above and beyond… always maintains contact with me to check in whether it be through Skype or over the phone and has been happy to chat with me… It gives me peace of mind knowing that I have someone working in favour of my boys, I cannot tell you how grateful I am…”


- LifeFul Member

“My husband has dementia and since being on NDIS we have had our Plan managed by Lifeful and also use a Support worker from there. We have had wonderful experiences with them. They have always been helpful and even some of the people we use for support have commented on how reliable they are paying invoices....”

Mary Gray

- LifeFul Member

“I have just gone through a review and am really happy with the result. The NDIS is so confusing to me but my support coordinator is very patient with me and always takes the time to walk me through every step and now I have an excellent support worker. Thank you lifeful.”


- LifeFul Member

"I first started off with amaya . What a beautiful lady she was. Kind, considerate, listened to me, passionate and compassionate about her work, sweet and the list goes on. Thank you amaya. Then I was put onto Katy Conner . I was scared to get another co-ordinator as I didn’t think I’d be lucky for the second time. But she is also amazing just like amaya..."

Kam and J

- LifeFul Members

"I join the Lifeful family over three years ago. Before that I tried doing it on my own. They took over doing my support coordination and my life became so much easier. I have done things out in the community that has made my days more enjoyable. They have connected me with field trips to the farms that have horses and all kinds of other animals. Which is a great way to get rid of stress. The people at Lifeful Understand how hard it is for us living with a disability. And they make every effort to make sure you are included in the decision making process. That you do not feel left behind. Any time I have a question I can go to them, and they will help find a solution. I have nothing but praise for them. They are here to help and make life easier. I’d like to thank each and everyone for all their efforts, and to make the process enjoyable. I now get out more often so my world has gotten much bigger."

Jeffrey Borden

- LifeFul Member

Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander
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