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At times, managing your NDIS plan can feel overwhelming. LifeFul is here to offer guidance and work through the process with you. You don’t have to do it on your own !

LifeFul Plan Management and Support Coordination (LifeFul) supports you to ‘live life on your own terms’ by getting the most from their NDIS funding and plans.
Our experience dates back to the original NDIS Pilot in 2013. We are an independent organisation operating across the east coast of Australia. Our small qualified team offer a personal service, enhancing the lives of people with disabilities by connecting them with their community, service providers, support networks and allied health professionals.
LifeFul’s Support Coordination service is delivered completely independently of providers. This ensures that LifeFul will always act wholly on your behalf, and that you will always have complete choice and control over your providers.

LifeFul offers the following services :

Plan Management is funded by the NDIS and available to all NDIS participants. The funding for Plan Management is not at the expense of other services in your plan.

LifeFul’s Plan Managers are an expert team of qualified accountants with NDIS knowledge and experience. Choosing LifeFul Plan Management for your NDIS funds will not only save you time but also increase your choice and control when it comes to choosing providers. Plan Management gives you access to both NDIS registered and unregistered providers.

LifeFul’s Plan Managers use a fully automated claims process to ensure that your invoices are paid on time. We offer our clients use of an application called CareView Advantage to enable participation and capacity building with understanding NDIS finances. Service providers will be validated to protect you against fraud, keep you up to date with NDIS changes, ensure Service Agreements are in place with all of your providers and electronically maintain your records for NDIS audits.

LifeFul offers NDIS participants ‘no wait time’ and fast implementation of your plan with immediate access to LifeFul’s Support Coordinators.
LifeFul’s Support Coordination team are experienced and passionate about supporting people to grow their abilities, confidence, and ultimately their independence.

LifeFul’s Support Coordinators are here to listen to you and, as an independent organisation, provide you with choice and control by presenting and explaining all of your support opportunities. You are able to choose for LifeFul’s Support Coordinators to partner with your LifeFul Plan Manager to monitor your funds, ensuring they are fully utilised over the life of your plan and not expended early.

Our Support Coordinators will work with you in the way that best suits you, whether it be an in-​house visitation, office or online meeting, telephone, email or other text-​based messaging. We can communicate with you in your preferred method. 

Do you have more questions ? Need more information ? Give us a call on 1800 LIFEFUL (543338).

We are always happy to help, whether you are a client or not. Contact our team for Support Coordination and Plan Management, Monday to Friday 9am to 5pm.
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*Languages List : Auslan, Greek, Shona, Punjabi, Hindi

LIVE LIFE ON YOUR TERMS 10 top reasons to choose LifeFul 

Whatever your current situation, Lifeful will take the time to understand your goals, aspirations and potential, and work beside you to achieve the future you want.

What our Clients are Saying about LifeFul 

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Anon LifeFul Memeber

LifeFul has been more than helpful in going above and beyond… always maintains contact with me to check in whether it be through Skype or over the phone and has been happy to chat with me… It gives me peace of mind knowing that I have someone working in favour of my boys, I cannot tell you how grateful I am…”

One avatar in dark grey on a lime green background.
Anon LifeFul Memeber

LifeFul has enabled me to transition with a little less of a load on my back.

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Malixy Sister of a LifeFul Member

My sister has been with Lifeful since 2019 and the services from Lifeful are of great value and we thank them for their support. Lifeful’s professionalism and communication at all levels are amazing. They linked my sister to Occupational Therapy, Psychology and Physiotherapy, ect. and did follow ups to ensure my sister’s care needs were met and her’s goals were achieved. I really appreciated Lifeful’s efforts.

One avatar in dark grey on a lime green background.
Tom LifeFul Member

I have used Lifeful as my Support Coordinator, Plan Manager for the past 5 months has been an absolute pleasure and blessing. He has advocated for me right from the beginning, listened to me cry from stress about NDIS on the phone more times than one, and emailed and called providers for me when they weren’t up to standards. He has stepped in when my OT wasn’t fulfilling her role, and has always been an utmost professional worker. Even when he couldn’t do anything in his power to help the situation, he still supported my family and I and asks if there is anything he can do. I’m so glad I found Lifeful and have such a genuine, professional and empathetic Plan Manager/​Support Coordinator on my side throughout my first NDIS Plan.

One avatar in dark grey on a lime green background.
Anon LifeFul Memeber

Prompt professional service with a smile and willingness to go the extra length to help.