NDIS Plan Management in Newcastle, NSW

LIFEFUL • LIVE LIFE ON YOUR TERMS NDIS Plan Management with LifeFul 

Plan Management is funded by the NDIS and available to all NDIS participants. The funding for Plan Management is not at the expense of other services in your plan.

LifeFul’s Plan Managers are an expert team of qualified accountants with NDIS knowledge and experience. Choosing LifeFul Plan Management for your NDIS funds will not only save you time but also increase your choice and control when it comes to choosing providers. Plan Management gives you access to both NDIS registered and unregistered providers.

LifeFuls Plan Managers use a fully automated claims process to ensure that your invoices are paid on time.

We offer our clients use of an application called CareView Advantage, to enable participation and capacity building with understanding your NDIS finances. Service providers will be validated to protect you against fraud, keep you up to date with any and all NDIS changes, ensure that service agreements are in place with all of your providers and electronically maintain your records for NDIS audits.