At LifeFul, we are very proud of our status as an Accredited and Registered provider, providing to our clients peace of mind knowing that we have met stringent criteria and have been vetted by recognized authorities. Learn more about what it means to achieve NDIS Accreditation.


What is NDIS Accreditation?

Lifeful is one of a select group of quality providers, who have voluntarily gone through the rigorous quality accreditation process of the National Quality and Safeguarding Commission. We have committed to providing the highest standards of care and best quality services available in the disability sector.


The Benefits of using a Registered NDIS Provider

When asking yourself ‘Should I use a registered NDIS provider?’, it is important to understand that the NDIS Commission holds registered providers to a higher standard than the many thousands of unregistered providers in the disability sector. The difference between registered and unregistered providers is that unregistered providers are not required to comply with NDIA’s Accreditation Standards, and the NDIS Commission doesn’t have any way of enforcing compliance or dealing with issues for clients of unregistered providers.


How To Achieve Accreditation

To achieve the status of Accredited Provider, we must complete an assessment against the NDIS Practice Standards. We need to firstly, provide policies, procedures, case notes, registers etc to demonstrate that we have designed a fully compliant system. The Auditors then conduct dozens of interviews with staff, clients, family members, and others to make sure all of our team are complying with our system, for all of our clients, all of the time!

The NDIS Commission also assesses the suitability of our key personnel to deliver NDIS supports and services. The outcome of the audit is then submitted to the NDIS Commission which assesses our application and makes a decision.

Accreditation also requires registered NDIS providers to have an effective system for managing and resolving any complaints and must make it easy for people to make a complaint and ensure that we deal with all complaints quickly and fairly. We must, as a condition of registration, have an incident management system to record and address any incidents that occur in connection with providing supports and services.

And finally, we must have robust systems to avoid and deal with and potential or actual conflicts of interest. Conflicts are inevitable in the disability sector, as they are in business in general, and what matters is that they are recognised, declared, and dealt with effectively.

You can find out more about the requirements here:


The Outcome

LifeFul was delighted to have not only passed the audit process, but to also discover heart-warming feedback from both staff and clients who were interviewed as part of the process. We were so pleased to hear what clients say about LifeFul, and our staff’s thoughts on what it’s like to work for Lifeful.

We have shared just a few examples below:


Participant Interviews

“The communication is particularly good, and they are very helpful and approachable. If I have any problems, they are very supportive and they look into it immediately. They are exceptional at what they do.”

“All of the required documentation was sent within 24 hours of meeting, and I could fill it all out. They send emails for questionaries every couple of months to check in and see how I am going.”

“ It has taken the load off my shoulder, and everything is nice and easy.  They have an app that I use so when the invoices come in, I can see it on the app and see what the bill is, and I can push approve or decline and ask a question to provide feedback. They stand in my corner and throw the punches for me. They come up with suggestions about what I could do with my plan. “

“ We can now go on family holidays again and don’t have to have support workers…..we no longer need any support workers in the weekend. We now have the confidence to know what to do…..they have given us our life back.”

“Communication is really really good…..without them,  I would be struggling and wouldn’t know where to go or what to do.”

“They are exceptional at communication. My Support Coordinator keeps in contact, and it is rare that I would go for more than a couple of weeks without any communication.”


Staff Interviews

“I have never worked for a company that is so nurturing.”

“I feel really included and that management really listen to us……I am extremely happy, and they are as dedicated as their workers”

“I think that the communication and the weekly briefing is fantastic, and I feel very supported in what I do”.

“The team are very friendly and approachable. For an organisation that is predominantly working remotely, there is a real effort to stay connected.”


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